Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wurm Tongue @ Fort Loko 10-20-10 (part 3).wmv

Wurm Tongue @ Fort Loko 10-20-10 (part 2).wmv

Wurm Tongue @ Fort Loko 10-20-10 (part 1).wmv

Wurm Tongue live @ some house called Fort Loko. Our first show in about 9 months

Well its about time we got our shit together i'd say......

Once I figure out how to use this thing. You will be able to get Wurm Tongue news, show info, some music, videos, and I guess whatever bullshit we feel like posting. We will have new tape out in January for starters! (about fucking time!) Were also going into the studio to record for a full length, that if all goes as planned will be out this spring. For now for tunes, the old demo is up on the myspace. myspace.com/wurmtongue